Test Suites based on YAML configuration files

It's easy - build your custom test suites, use ready-to-use assertions and tell the runner where to run your tests.
    - name: "Check Ubuntu Version"
      command: "lsb_release -a"
      expected: "Ubuntu 20.04"
    - name: "PHP Version is 8.0"
      command: "php -v"
        - "PHP 8.1"
        - "PHP 8.0"

    - name: "Verify webservice entry in /etc/hosts"
      file: "/etc/hosts"
      expected: "my-webservice x.x.x.x"

    - name: "Memory Limit is unlimited"
      setting: "memory_limit"
          - "operator": "="
            "value": "-1"
          - "operator": ">="
            "value": "500M"

     - name: "PHP Module installed: intl"
       module: "intl"



Docker Support

Run your tests in Docker images or execute them in one of your currently launched containers. If required, provide any ENV variables for your containers.

Test Suites XML Configuration

Design your test suites with the XML Configuration file of SVRUnit.
Share tests across suites, setup custom boot times and decide where to run your assertions.

Plain Server Tests

Simply test your local server specs by running SVRUnit directly on your machine.
This is perfect to verify your system requirements for your application.

SVRUnit is FREE and Open Source

SVRUnit has been created because we had the need for such a framework.
It's completely open source and hosted on GitHub.
Feel free to use and help by contributing to it.